Veronica Paeper



Artistic Director

Cape Town City Ballet






"In all the time I have known Veronica Paeper - dancer, choreographer, dance administrator - I have always been most in awe of her seemingly effortless ability to tell an absorbing story through the medium of dance in her productions for Cape Town City Ballet and its predecessor, Capab Ballet.

She has created many an emotive pas de deux for perfectly cast romantic partnerships, and I have always admired her ability to handle crowds of milling dancers as in a tragedy like Romeo and Juliet, a historical concoction like Spartacus or the hilarious Orpheus in The Underworld. But she also spreads the innovative glory around as in the exciting, imaginative Cleopatra, her latest work, with its haunting, original music by the mercurial Charl-Johan Lingenfelder and designs by Peter Cazalet, who, though essentially dance-steeped, can cover any branch of the performing arts.

Welcome to the world of Veronica Paeper!"

Derek Wilson
Arts Editor: The Cape Argus
31 May 1999

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